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Gone are the days when capturing a memorable moment in a camera was a rarity and called for a big occasion. Today, we witness cameras everywhere - from the laptop we carry to work or surf at home to the cell phones we perpetually carry with us all through the day, from the tablet we use to the doorbell or even the CCTV camera in our lobby or corridor. Cameras have become part and parcel of our lives today and the new 'in' is the Selfie. In this age where we click and capture every moment of our lives to posterity, and share it instantly with friends and family, choosing the right camera when you are planning to invest on one is vitally important. Naaptol is your one-stop online shopping destination where you have a camera for everyone - beginners, amateurs, hobbyists, occasional users and pure professionals.

Naaptol's section for cameras include a wide range of Digital Cameras, Digital SLRs, Digital Photo Frames, Camcorders, Binoculars and Telescopes. With well-known names as far as brands are concerned, Naaptol is the place to be when you are considering buying a camera. And the best thing about Naaptol is that it furnishes you with buying guides so that you come to know about the working and functioning of cameras when you choose to pick up one for yourself. Naaptol enables easy comparison among all types of cameras for you to take an informed purchase decision.

So, you plan to buy a digital camera since you love travelling and you pack your bags and set of to destinations whenever you have holiday. Or maybe you have a new-found interest in photography and wish to gift yourself a high-end camera. Naaptol lists all the specifications of the cameras for you to decide which would be the best option for you.

The three pillars on which a camera's quality and credibility depends are: ISO is your camera's sensitivity to available light. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to the light. A higher ISO number means your camera is more sensitive. The component that changes your camera's sensitivity is called "image sensor" or "sensor". It is the most important and expensive part of a camera. It gathers light and transforms it into an image. With better sensitivity, your camera sensor can capture images in low-light environments without having to use a flash. But on the flip side, higher sensitivity adds grain or "noise" to the pictures.

Aperture is a hole within a lens, through which light travels into the camera body. This helps add dimension to your photography by either blurring the background to focus more on the image on the forefront or by bringing everything info focus with utmost clarity.

Shutter speed, also known as "exposure time", stands for the length of time a camera shutter is open to expose light into the camera sensor. If the shutter speed is fast, it can help to freeze action completely. If the shutter speed is slow, it can create an effect called "motion blur", where moving objects appear blurred along the direction of the motion. This effect is used quite a bit in advertisements of cars and motorbikes, where a sense of speed and motion is communicated to the viewer by intentionally blurring the moving wheels.

Resolution, for one, is an important determining factor. Resolution determines how sharp your images can be, how much you can enlarge an image taken or crop it without becoming blurry. Resolution is defined in megapixels (Mp). More megapixels mean more detail, so you can create bigger prints without noticing blockiness on the picture.

Lenses play an equally significant role when you are choosing a camera. Most cameras are equipped with digital as well as optical zoom. Optical zoom works just like a zoom lens of a film camera, where the lens changes its focal length and magnification as it is zoomed. Throughout this zoom range, the image quality however remains high and sharp resulting in capturing pictures in great clarity for afar. Digital zoom on the other hand magnifies the target area of subject's part you wish to focus on without increasing the picture detail. The result is a coarser view. So any day, when choosing a camera you must consider the optical zoom more than the digital zoom.

Optical zoom identifies the number of times the image is closer to the person. If you want to click far-off images, then the best way is to have a high quality optical zoom. This enables picture clarity up to the minutest detail. There are many types of scenery which are far-off from the person. Then it is essential to have a good quality optical zoom. Digital zoom in the cameras decide upon the number of times the picture can be zoomed. This factor is also essential in the camera and is a deciding factor in the price of a camera. The higher mega pixel, higher optical and digital zoom means that the camera is high in prices.

Focus controls are also important when choosing a DSLR. Most digital cameras have automated focus. But some high-end cameras give you the control to manually change the focus as you desire in order to ensure that your subject of focus is sharpest. A good image stabilizer gives you the leeway to make minor hand shakes and yet click amazingly sharp images. This is because a Stabilizer compensates for handheld camera shakes, letting you use a slower shutter speed.

Digital SLRs are generally used by professionals who have complete photography knowledge and want to continue it as their hobby or profession. The lens quality is high and the camera can be focused for every shot to give the best results. Naaptol sells some the finest quality digital SLRs online. If you are a novice and you love clicking pictures but is not much into serious photography point-and-shoots cameras are a great option. Check out the cameras in this category on our website.

Brands in this category of computer peripherals include Samsung, Sony, iBall, HP, Callmate, Sandisk, Panasonic, XElectron, Dell, LG, Lenovo, Intex, Amkette, microware, Netgear, D-Link, Memorex etc.

Digital cameras are picking up fast due to their wide usage, compact structure, easy handling and easy focusing. Viewers can also obtain Naaptol reviews for products they want to purchase. Naaptol feedback helps customers to determine the needs and select a product as per requirement.

As far as pricing is concerned, camera prices that are available on Naaptol are the best. These cameras are available in different brands – Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Philips, Panasonic, Wespro, Belkin, Olympus, JVC, Kodak, Hitachi and many more. From high-end cameras to reasonably priced point-and-shoot counterparts, Naaptol has the camera you are looking for.

Apart from cameras, even camcorders are available at Naaptol. There are varieties of camcorders available to capture the wildest, the precious, and the closest-to-heart moments to relive them. Camcorders are also classified depending on their quality and usage. They are available in different price ranges and people can buy them as per their budget.

A camcorder as the name clearly suggests is a camera cum recorder. The camera portion is made up of the lens and the imager, where the lens gathers light and focuses on the imager. Most modern camcorders have either a CMOS or a CCD image sensor. Camcorders can also be classified into analog versus digital. Videotape based camcorders record video in analog format while newer camcorders that record videos onto a hard drive or flash memory card are digital camcorders. The picture quality of digital camcorders is way better and it also eliminates problems like bleeding, jitter, fading etc. Just like a camera, the features you should take into consideration before buying a camcorder are video resolution, image sensor, zoom lens, image stabilization, media and video format (common video formats include MPEG-2, H.264 and AVCHD), face detection and frame rates.

Naaptol also sells camera accessories like camera bags, camera lens filters, batteries, tripods, flash lights, camera chargers, etc. One can find different accessories in the camera section and can buy these accessories by placing the order, online.

The best part of associating with Naaptol is to be able to bag irresistible offers. Going by the core value of 'shop right shop more', Naaptol always strives to give you win-win deals. That's not all. You also get to compare prices in order to make more informed purchase decisions. So, come home to us; compare cameras, camcorders and their accessories in terms of brand, quality and price range and return a happy buyer.

Incase you are not sure about the working and functioning of a particular product, Naaptol is there to assist you at every step - you can also browse through our Buying Guides section to know more about them.
So whether you are looking for a professional camera, DSLRs or SLRs, telescopes, camera accessories, tripods, camera lense filters, or flash lights - you get it all at Naaptol.